Little Green Monster – Pool Party

Title: Little Green Monster – Pool Party
Author: Daniel Isberner
Illustration: Natascha Schmidt
Released: January 20th 2020
Pages (Paperback): 24
Price Paperback (full color): € 7.99, £ 6.62,  $ 8.99
Price eBook: € 2.99, £ 2.20, $ 2.99
Language: English
Format: E-Book & Paperback

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Are you also asking yourself, where all the socks you cannot find anymore vanish to?

They were eaten by Little Green Monsters, who live in your wardrobe. Usually they are hiding very well and we never notice them, but I got to know my Little Green Monster. Together, we have many fun adventures.

Today, Little Green Monster wants to have a pool party—in my bathtub!